ECOLOGIENA for Environmental Pollutants
Estrone (E1) ELISA Kit


  • E1 monoclonal antibody binds exclusively with E1 and does not show cross-reaction with other chemicals with similar structures.
  • The quantitative analysis ranges from 0.05g/L- 5g/L(ppb), sensitive enough to detect E1 in a specimen from river or waste water, etc.
  • With ease of handling, the total time for measurement is only 2.5 hours.
  • The ELISA measurement is highly reproducible; the coefficient of variation (CV) is generally under 10%.
  • The kit, a 96-well microplate format, enables simultaneous measurement of multiple samples at more reasonable cost.


Chemical Structure
Estrone (E1) is found more abundantly in river or sewage water than 17-Estradiol (E2), thus requiring cautious monitoring, although estrogenicity of E1 is reported to be weaker than that of E2 in the vitellogenin synthesis test in rainbow trout.

E1 Standard Curve

E1 Standard Curve Samples containing Estrone(E1) within the dynamic range (0.05 g/L- 5 g/L) can be directly applied to assay after filtration. Samples with Estrone content below the range must be concentrated with solid phase extraction prior to the ensuing session. Coefficient of variation(CV) is generally under 10% throughout the dynamic range.

Pretreatment (Simplified Solid Phase Extraction)
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Pretreatment (Simplified Solid Phase Extraction)
1) Adjust the pH of the sample to 5.0 with 1M Acetic acid.
2) Pour sample liquid through a C18 solid-phase cartridge
3) Wash the cartridge with distilled water and Hexane.
4) Couple a silica cartridge to the C18 cartridge and elute E1 with a mixture of dichloromethane : acetone=9:1.
5) Dry the sample with nitrogen gas, then adjust MeOH concentration at 10% for measurement.

  • The specific procedure may vary in sample quality.

Cross-reactivity Pattern

Compounds Cross reactivity(%)
Estrone(E1) 100
2-methoxy E1 0.2
17-Estradiol(E2) 0.3
16-keto-E2 0.2
E2-17-glucuronide <0.1
E2-3-glucuronide <0.1
E2-3-sulfate-17-glucuronide <0.1
Estriol(E3) <0.1
16-epi-E3 <0.1
E3-16-glucuronide <0.1
Ethynylestradiol (EE2) <0.1

Kit Format

Kit Format Comment
Microplate 1 plate (96 wells)
& reagents
Needs a microplate reader(450nm)
For multiple and simultaneous measurement

For laboratory use only. Not for human or diagnostic use.

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